EPocalipse Software specializes in tools and add-ins for CodeGear RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder.

"VssConneXion is a very well designed piece of software and it integrates
smoothly into Delphi. Using it has become second nature - it does the right
thing without getting in the way. Highly recommended." - Hallvard Vassbotn

"Just wanted to let you know what a great program this is. I use it all day every day. Couldn't live without it." - Bob Marshall

"VssConneXion is in an invaluable tool. I love it!! It provides much better VSS integration than that offered in VB or VC++" - Andrew Jackson

"Now that I have been using VssConneXion for quite some time, it really has become indispensable to me. I can't tell you how much easier it makes my development cycle compared to the old way of using the clunky VSS interface directly. Your interface is so much more user friendly!" - Christopher C. Boarman

"VssConneXion and SourceConneXion are really great products when you use Delphi and Visual SourceSafe! At ARCADIS Policy Analysis we use Microsoft VSS as our Source Code Control system, but without EPocalipse's integration with Delphi you can make a lot of mistakes. At the office we already have been using VssConneXion for quite some time, but outside over the Internet with SourceOffSite it was still uncomfortable. Thanks to EPocalipse this problem has been solved now too with SourceConneXion" - Diederik Waardenburg

"VssConneXion gives us the seamless integration with Visual SourceSafe with C++Builder that Visual C++ has built in. In many ways, VssConneXion is better and easier to use than the Visual SourceSafe Explorer itself." - Russell Hind

"It's a great product and makes it a breeze to work with VSS"

"You have a great product that has been working reliably for us for the last year. I will continue to recommend VssConneXion to others."

"I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt response and your commitment to a great product. I consult to many companies that are using BCB ... and I will certainly recommend VssConneXion."

"I am very impressed with your product VssConneXion for Delphi 5. You did an excellent job on the design. It is a great addition to Delphi, and has already increased my productivity. If Borland were smart, they would buy this from you (for millions) and add it to Delphi 6!"

"Thanks for your time and thanks for an excellent product! VssConneXion works great and I recommended it to everyone. Keep up the good work!"

"AWESOME! EXACTLY what I needed. Works perfectly You are software GODS! Seriously... I LOVE IT."

"Kudos on this mature and highly useful product! .. Was especially impressed with thoroughness.. This is gratuitous usefulness! Thanks a whole lot.
P.S. When I suggested we register your software there was immediate and hearty consent (and action) to crossing the shareware registration speed bump."



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