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VssConneXion in Delphi
VssConneXion gives you fast access to the most commonly used SourceSafe actions. SourceSafe actions are accessible at several places throughout the IDE.

Integration with the IDE history view (BDS 2005\2006)
VssConneXion integrates with the history view of the IDE and allows you to view history and differences between versions inside the editor!

The enhanced history dialog shows the history of a file with inline comments, ability to export to HTML\Text\Excel and the ability to group\filter.

Source Analysis (By Changes)
The Source Analysis feature provides you with four views that show the changes made to a file throughout it's life time. The "Number of Changes" view helps you find lines that were changed too many times.

Source Analysis (By User)
The "Changes by User" gives you a quick view of who changes what in the file. Notice how you can see the history of each line.

Enhanced SourceSafe Explorer
VssConneXion comes with a built in SourceSafe explorer that let you do the most common SourceSafe operations. The built-in explorer provides features like easy navigation through your projects, grouping and filtering, favorite projects and more. Notice how by showing the Local Status column, you get an instant view on the status of the entire project.

Source History
A combination of the history command and a difference viewer. You no longer need to select two revision, click the difference button, close it, select another revision etc. With Source History you can quickly browse through the changes made to a file.

Automatic Checkout
The SourceSafe status of a file is shown on the editor status bar. If you try to edit a Checked In file, VssConneXion will automatically prompt you to check the file out. You can also choose to Edit the file in-memory if you need to test small changes.

Review Changes
The review changes feature helps you see all the changes you made to your files since the last checkout. It lists all the files that were changed and shows you the difference between these files and the version in SourceSafe. This is the easiest way to perform code reviews and to enter check in comments.

Find Last Change to This Line
This feature allows you to right click a line in the Delphi editor and quickly jump to the last place in the file history where this line was changed. This is the fastest way to find regression bugs (Who changed what and why).

Make sure your local folder and SourceSafe project are synchronized with 1 click. Allows you to change the default actions that were determined from the file status.

VssConneXion toolbar
VssConneXion adds its own toolbar to the IDE. This toolbar can be customized just like any other native IDE toolbar.

Automatic Notification on File Changes
VssConneXion will notify you when it detects that one of your files is outdated and that there is newer version of the file in the repository.



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