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SourceConneXion Screenshots
SourceConneXion main menu
SourceConneXion gives you access to the most frequently used source control actions
Synchronizing a project
SourceConneXion Synchronize feature allows you to synchronize your local project with the source control system in one click. Notice that the dialog shows the status of each file and the action required to synchronize it.
Check in and Difference
In every SourceConneXion dialog you'll be able to see a detailed status of the selected files. You can also view the differences between file by clicking the Show Diff button.

Automatic Checkout
SourceConneXion always shows you the source control status of the file you are currently viewing. If you try to edit a Checked In file, SourceConneXion will automatically prompt you to check the file out or edit it without checking out.

Review Changes
The review changes window helps you see all the changes you made to your files since the last checkout. It lists all the files that were changed and shows you the difference between these files and the version in the repository. This is the easiest way to perform code reviews and to check in comments.

Project Explorer
The SourceConneXion project explorer is the place to look when you want to know what is the source control status of your entire project.

SourceConneXion toolbar
SourceConneXion adds its own toolbar to the IDE. This toolbar can be customized just like any other native IDE toolbar.
Project Manager popup menu
SourceConneXion also integrates with the project manager pop-up menu.


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